New Domain Names

Historically, the options for a website or email address ending in a meaningful top-level domain have been limited. Top-Level Domains which are currently available include “.com”, “.net”, “.org” and “”.

Here’s an example of a top-level domain:

If you wanted to purchase a domain name ending in one of these, you may have found them to be rarely available. This can often mean, for businesses especially, that rather than choosing a web address to match a business name, a business name is chosen to match an available domain name. Very soon, that problem will cease to exist.

The possibilities at the top-level are going to multiply, and web addresses ending in “.buzz”, “.rugby”, “.accountant”, or “.shop”, for example, are going to become available. There are literally going to be hundreds of new domain options, providing exciting alternatives for individuals and businesses within New Zealand, and internationally.

Dot Kiwi

Of particular importance to New Zealand consumers and businesses, is the .kiwi domain. The first generic top-level domain created for Kiwis, by Kiwis, will give New Zealanders a unique way to represent themselves online. In an increasingly confusing internet landscape, Kiwis everywhere will have a domain which associates them with proud, pure, and credible characteristics which are inherent to being Kiwi.